Fun Wedding Ideas For Daring Couples

Are you looking forward to, just beginning, or in the middle of planning for a wedding celebration and feeling a little overwhelmed by the serious side of the preparation and realisations of what is actually involved in a marriage? Wish the planning process was a little more fun sometimes and a little less serious? Take a short break from the occasionally serious task of planning your wedding for a little amusement and possibly even some inspiration for your own special wedding extravaganza. Here are some really fun wedding ideas that you may or may not want to consider. They are certainly for more daring couples and trend setters while definitely not for the cautious and trend followers.

The Theatrical Wedding

Theatrical weddings are all about a Cirque De Soleil atmosphere in your wedding extravaganza. While the bride and groom should certainly not be wearing any masks other than the bride’s veil, the general atmosphere is of an elegant costume ball replete with ornate decoration and the perfect lighting. Think of it as a stage performance with the wedding ceremony as the main attraction. Spotlights, changes in lighting throughout the ceremony, musical background, and symphonic sound effects are all a part of the possibility. The imaginative possibilities are truly and astonishingly endless, so make sure you go for it as creatively as you possibly can. You can adapt it to your venue, whether you choose Britannia Hotels, a castle or marquee. The power is in the details, the lavish design. It will create an unforgettable atmosphere in which to hold your wedding.

The Tropical Wedding

Tropical weddings don’t necessarily have to take place in a tropical place. If you want a Hawaiian wedding, but flying everyone to Hawaii isn’t an option, then you will likely be happy to hear that you can have a tropical wedding just about anywhere. It certainly helps to live in or near a city with a decent amount of import and specialty food stores, where you can pick up the proper food and decorations. Fashioning a Tiki Lounge atmosphere is one option that may just be the style that you are looking for. This is relatively easy to do as an ice sculptor can easily provide you with some Hawaiian style statues perfect for the occasion and truly make it a unique and memorable wedding!

The Pet Wedding

Animals are a fun addition to any wedding and can certainly bring a lot of excitement and smiles to the wedding guests. While not the most predictable of wedding participants, a family puppy or other pet as the ring bearer can be an endearingly sweet addition to the wedding and most certainly can make the wedding a memorable occasion for all present. The sky is no limit with animals and it is really up to the imagination and flexibility of those planning the wedding to include pets if so desired.

Hopefully these wedding ideas have, at the very least, put a smile on your face and possibly even given you some inspiration for your own wedding plans! There are many much more exotic wedding ideas that you may want to explore, if at the very least, for your own personal entertainment even if you do still decide to plan a simple wedding.

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