Wedding Trends To Keep An Eye Out For in 2019

Here are some wedding trends to keep an eye out for in 2019:

Outdoor Weddings

With the rising costs of wedding clashing with economic troubles many people are facing, outdoor weddings are gaining substantially in popularity. Considerable cost savings can be had when averting the need for an indoor wedding venue. Even with cost savings not considered, the fun and relaxing nature of outdoor weddings is becoming more popular among couples than the traditional, stuffier wedding.

Vintage Accents

Anything and everything vintage is hot right now. From vintage wedding dresses to classic, vintage cars with which to drive away from the ceremony, if it’s vintage, it’s in for 2019. Expect to see a lot of brides dawning their Grandmother’s dress and incorporating pictures and mementos from their parents’ or grandparents’ wedding into their own.


A trend to look for in 2019 that shares a vein with the “vintage” theme is anything rustic. Look for wedding photos to incorporate rustic antiques, automobiles, and furniture. Wedding photography will be stylised in a vintage theme aimed at making wedding pictures appear timeless. A rustic ambiance will be employed at many a wedding reception in 2019. Rustic-chic wedding cakes served on antique stands with rustic icing accents will also be a hot item for this year.


Part of the trend to reduce wedding costs includes several “do it yourself” tactics. Everything from party favours to the bride’s makeup to the table centrepiece even to the alcohol served at the reception can be DIY wedding items. Many such things can be delegated to artistic friends and family members who will love being a part of the process for planning your wedding.


The simpler the better in 2011. Weddings in general will be simple and pretty this year. Not only are simple weddings more affordable, but they are also in concert with a fashion trend that is moving away from discombobulated and towards clean and neat. You don’t have to try to do too much for a wedding in 2011. Just do a few things, do them really well, and enjoy your special day.

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